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wydawnictwo: PEARSON ED, 2009, wydanie VII

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Visually engaging, enticing and current examples with an overall focus on business.

Business Law continues to be the most engaging text for students and professors by featuring a visually appealing format with enticing and current examples while maintaining its focus on business. Students will learn business law, ethics, and the legal environment in a way that will encourage them to ask questions and go beyond basic memorization.

This edition of Business Law includes over 40 new cases, an up-to-date photo program, several new enticing discussion topics such as “Entrepreneurship: The Founding of Facebook”, “Ethics: Animal Testing”, and Paul McCartney’s Divorce, brief and easy-to-read chapters and cases, new on-line research activities, 25 new ABC news clips and a revised testbank with 500 new questions.

Table of Contents

Unit I Legal Environment of Business and E-Commerce

Ch.1 Legal Heritage and the Information Age

Ch.2 Court Systems and Jurisdiction

Ch.3 Judicial, Alternative, and Online Dispute Resolution

Ch.4 Constitutional Law for Business and E-Commerce

Unit II Torts, Crimes, and Intellectual Property

Ch.5 Intentional Torts and Negligence

Ch.6 Strict Liability and Product Liability

Ch.7 Intellectual Property and Cyber Piracy

Ch.8 Criminal Law and Cyber Crimes

Unit III Contracts and E-Commerce

Ch.9 Nature of Traditional and E-Contracts

Ch.10 Agreement

Ch.11 Consideration and Promissory Estoppel

Ch.12 Capacity and Legality

Ch.13 Genuineness of Assent and Undue Influence

Ch.14 Statute of Frauds and Equitable Exceptions

Ch.15 Third-Party Rights and Discharge

Ch.16 Remedies for Breach of Traditional and E-Contracts

Ch.17 Internet Law and E-Commerce

Unit IV Domestic and International Sales and Lease Contracts

Ch.18 Formation of Sales and Lease Contracts

Ch.19 Title to Goods and Risk of Loss

Ch.20 Remedies for Breach of Sales and Lease Contracts

Ch.21 Sales and Lease Warranties

Unit V Negotiable Instruments and E-Money

Ch.22 Creation of Negotiable Instruments

Ch.23 Transferability and Holder in Due Course

Ch.24 Liability, Defenses, and Discharge

Ch.25 Checks, Banking System, and E-Money

Unit VI Credit, Secured Transactions, and Bankruptcy

Ch.26 Creditor’s and Debtor’s Rights

Ch.27 Secured Transactions and Electronic Filing

Ch.28 Bankruptcy and Reorganization

Unit VII Agency and Employment

Ch.29 Agency Formation and Termination

Ch.30 Liability of Principals, Agents, and Independent Contractors

Ch.31 Employment, Worker Protection, and Immigration Laws

Ch.32 Labor Law and Collective Bargaining

Ch.33 Equal Opportunity in Employment

Unit VIII Business Organizations and Ethics

Ch. 34 Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs and General Partnerships

Ch.35 Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Limited Partnerships

Ch.36 Corporate Formation and Financing

Ch.37 Corporate Governance and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Ch.38 Corporate Acquisitions and Multinational Corporations

Ch.39 Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships

Ch.40 Franchises and Special Forms of Business

Ch.41 Investor Protection and Online Securities Transactions

Ch.42 Ethics and Social Responsibility of Business

Unit IX Government Regulation

Ch. 43 Administrative Law and Regulatory Agencies

Ch.44 Consumer Protection and Product Safety

Ch.45 Environmental Protection and Global Warming

Ch.46 Antitrust Law and Unfair Trade Practices

Unit X Property

Ch.47 Personal Property and Bailment

Ch.48 Real Property

Ch.49 Landlord-Tenant Law and Land Use Regulation

Unit XI Special Topics

Ch.50 Insurance

Ch. 51 Accountant’s Liability

Ch.52 Wills, Trusts, and Elder Law

Ch.53 Family Law

Unit XII Global Environment

Ch.54 International Law and World Trade Law


984 pages, Paperback

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