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wydawnictwo: C.H. BECK, 2017, wydanie I

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Current problems of the penal Law and Criminology

Aktuelle probleme des Strafrechs und der Kriminologie

Current Problems of the Penal Law and Criminology-origins and
present status at Criminology School in Białystok

Aktuelle Probleme des Strafrechts und der Kriminologie - ihre Herausbildung und ihr derzeitiger Zustand in der Kriminologischen Schule in Białystok


Vanessa McAllister, Kurt Schmoller
Abgekurzte Strafverfahren in Osterreich: Diversion und Mandatsverfahren

Gulsun-Ayhan Aygormez-Ugurlubay
Umweltdelikte im turkischen Strafgesetzbuch

Olga Dubovik, Alla Roehricht
Russian medical legislation and the life quality

Gunnar Duttge
Die zweite Katastrophe im Zuge des Germanwings-Absturzes: Der Umgang mit der arztlichen Schweigepflicht

Maria Elisabete Ferreira
Portuguese criminal law on domestic violence and the requirements of the Istanbul Convention

Martin Heger
Strafbarkeit des Leugnens des Holocausts

Jan C. Joerden
On the problem of dolus alternativus

Vera Kalvodova
Current trends of sanctioning in the Czech Republic

Rimma Nickolayevna Klyuchko
Criminal legal description of signs of inaction of officials (Art. 425 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus)

Maciej Małolepszy
Vernachlassigt der polnische Strafgesetzgeber die Generalpravention?

Klaus Marxen
Der Beitrag des Strafrechts zur ?berwindung von Systemunrecht - deutsche Erfahrungen

Joanna Melz, Alice Anna Bielecki, Claudia Zielińska
"Verbotene" Lieder? Ein Uberblick uber strafrechtlich kontroverse Musik in Deutschland

Angelika Pitsela, Theofili Chatzispyrou
Alternative measures and sanctions in the Greek criminal justice system

Emil W. Pływaczewski, Ewa M. Guzik-Makaruk, Szczęsny Szymański, Tomasz Kałużny, Anna Jacyniewicz
New solutions in Poland in the interrogation of child victims of sexual crimes

Uwe Scheffler
Balthus, der Maler der "Gitarrenstunde", und das neue deutsche Kinderpornographiestrafrecht

Keiichi Yamanaka
Kontext- und Paradigmenwechsel bei Rechtsrezeption und -fortbildung mit Beispielen der japanischen Strafrechtswissenschaft

Yuri Yamanaka
Transplantation von Organen lebender Spender in Japan


James F. Albrecht
The "realism" of contemporary policing: analyzing the potential for applying the "left realism" theory of justice to modern law enforcement practices

Kate Angulski, Jurg Gerber
Human rights and drug policy: a comparative study using freedom indexes

Hasan T. Arslan, Kailey Adametz
Intelligence for the homeland security: the Skilled Worker Expedited Review Program (SWERP)

Liqun Cao
Crime control, ideology, recent laws in Canada

Mesut Hakki Ca­in
The massive Syrian refugees crisis: how to respond humanitarian law and impact on European security

Diana Dajnowicz-Piesiecka
Legal and criminological aspects of parental abduction from the standpoint of Polish criminal judicial decisions

Obi N.I. Ebbe
Crimes of the privileged class

Wojciech Filipkowski
The use of data mining technology for fighting cyber crimes - selected forensic aspects

Marek Frystak, David Cep
An influence of legal framework in the Czech Republic on development of economic criminality after 1989

Jarrod Gilbert, Benjamin Elley, Greg Newbold
Desistance among higher-risk youthful offenders

Yakov Gilinskiy
Crime and social control in the postmodern society

Jack R. Greene, Ineke Haen-Marshall, Heike P. Gramckow
Improving local police services in the developing world

Edita Gruodyte
Drug policy for illegal possesion of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances: challenges and trends in international and national level

Anna Gurinskaya, Yakov Gilinskiy
Social exclusion, crime and victimization: the Russian experience

C. Ronald Huff, Michael Naughton
Wrongful conviction reforms in the United States and the United Kingdom: taking stock

Magdalena Ickiewicz-Sawicka
Exclusion and discrimination against Serb minority in the Republic of Kosovo in the lights of international human rights protection

Emilia Jurgielewicz-Delegacz
Traffic accidents in Poland in the light of results of statistical research

Karl-Ludwig Kunz
Kriminalitat, Strafe und Gesellschaft

Katarzyna Laskowska
Organizational structure of organized criminal groups involving foreigners that are active in Poland in the light of the results of studies of criminal case files

Mark Lauchs
Bikies in Europe

Jianhong Liu
Institutional analyses and criminology: fundamental conceptual and methodological issues

Jolanta Łopusiewicz-Redo
Pro publico bono legal assistance for the materially impoverished clients, as a contribution to the United Nations sustainable development goals 2016-2030: A Eurasian view

Anthony Minnaar
Malware and data breach cyberattacks and the (more) organised cybercriminals: how "organised" are they?

Antonello Miranda
The limits of the law and the future of compliance

Magdalena Ondicova, Dagmar Kralovicova
Juvenile delinquency in the context of the Slovak Republic and its prevention with emphasis on tertiary prevention

Witold Pawlak
The approach of the court (A) in relation to the artificial nutrition and hydration of terminally ill patients and (B) in relation to the sterilisation of women who lack capacity

Magdalena Perkowska
Border criminality in Poland - myths and reality

Michael Platzer
International aspects of social exclusion of migrants

Szilveszter Poczik
Muslim radicals from the Balkans and Hungary in the Syrian war. A comparative study with focus on social history and security policy

Sławomir Redo
New instruments and approaches for countering social exclusion: A criminological contribution to the United Nations post-2015 educational agenda

Jerzy Sarnecki
Crime and measures to combat crime in socio-economically deprived areas. A criminological analysis

Rick Sarre
The criminological quest today: what should we be focusing our research on?

Charles B. A. Ubah, Osy E. Nwebo, S. Ezeanyika
Transnational crime and international organization: the challenge of internal and international security

S. George Vincentnathan, Lynn Vincentnathan
Exclusion, dalit type-script, and deviance under the caste system in Tamil Nadu

Minoru Yokoyama
Exclusion and inclusion of offenders in Japan with low tolerance

Jinwu Zhang, Jianhong Liu
Strain, illegitimate opportunity and delinquency: consolidating social structure in China

Malgorzata J. Zuber, Edward W. Greenberg
Cross-cultural dispositions to crime: an investigation of macro-environmental influences on neutralization

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896 pages, Hardcover

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